23 January 2012

Bonnet rouge

The first finished object of 2012 has made itself known:
Rubbish BlackBerry photo
More Scandinavia than Revolutionary France, but with a pleasingly Phyrygian point.
Following Mustaa Villaa's pattern notes for garter-stitch beanies for the Finnish Red Cross, I reduced the circumference to 100 stitches to make a toddler-size hat and made one in navy and pale blue during the Christmas holidays - a quick and straightforward knit done sitting on the sofa watching 
reruns of Top Gear classic art-house films.
I decided to make a red and white version to use up some oddments of DK that have been hanging around for quite a while. Again, quick and straightforward though knitting in between work and other plans, progress was a bit slower and somewhat less focused. Some odd things happened - wonky stitches, a crazy loopy thing on the inside, some kind of knot - and the finishing was done in haste (and not helped by having a G&T and American Graffiti to hand).
Far from perfect, but an excellent stash-buster (see Mustaa Villaa's wonderful multi-coloured versions) and the first knit of the 20 in 2012 challenge.

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