13 February 2012

A parliament of owls

An industrious weekend of knitting and finishing has given two finished sweaters, and two new projects on the needles.

I finished Owls and Owlet by Kate Davies - adult and child sized variations on the same owl-cabled pattern. Both were quick to knit, but while Owls was finished last year it languished ungrafted ever since. I am becoming a dab hand at Kitchener grafting, so after finishing Owlet for a birthday deadline, I pulled out Owls and did that too.

Owls and Owlet - a poor BlackBerry photo (again) and my bad kintting not doing justice to an excellent design. I particularly like the shaping detail at the back of Owl, as shown here on Kate's blog. The pattern was very well written, with each step clearly set out; even attaching the arms for knitting in the round was achieved with a minimum of startlingly unladylike language fuss. Indeed, I have long been a fan of Kate Davies's designs and am eyeing up Caller Herrin' as a near-future project, before making Deco for the summer.

For yarn, I used Sirdar Click chunky with wool, as for my Frostbite mittens: it's good and hardwearing, machine washable for messy owlets, and a good range of shades. The cranberry for Owlet has variegated flecks, and the botany blue used for Owls (like the Thistle for Frostbite) has a pleasing lustre.

I also cast on a pair of Tiptoe Through the Tulips socks using some Cygnet 4-ply I've had stashed away since 2010, when I first attempted knitting socks. I clearly had no concept of how much yarn a pair of socks might need, as I have masses of the stuff and can turn out a few pairs.

Finally, I set to on a seasonally-appropriate February Lady Sweater. I wavered between this and Ysolda's Vine Yoke cardigan, and I am still not sure. I scored the yar when hustling with the old ladies in the John Lewis sale - ten balls of Rowan felted tweed aran in ivy which, despite its name, is rather more teal than green, and is also rather hairy. I imagined the lace pattern of the FLS being clearly defined, almost as if with a mercerised yarn. I'm not too keen on the soft halo for this, so may well start again with Vine Yoke.


Knitting in the news: teenage knitting in the Guardian archives.

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