13 April 2012

Four things Friday

1. The Tiptoe socks are nearing completion. I'm heading towards the toe and wondering if I have enough dark green yarn left in the ball, or whether I'll have to venture into the stash to find the second ball for a few rounds before switching to dark pink for the toe.

2. In addition to Karen's Pyjama Party, I'm planning to take part in the Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge and am busy daydreaming of colours and outfits before getting the sewing under way in early May.

3. In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate on the things I already have on the go, in particular my Tea Leaves cardigan, to clear the decks a little.

4. I want to make a quilt, have wanted to do so ever since I saw Kate's quilt,* and then came across Flossie Teacakes' wonderfully straightforward tutorial. Perhaps in black and white, which would be awfully modern. I'm trying to make this a project for later in the year, though, as it will need planning and work. Just to snap up all the fat quarters that catch my eye (and oh, they are many) would lead to bankruptcy. I suppose the quilt would keep me warm in the debtor's prison, but still.

* And seeing the photos in the blog post reminds me I also want to make a Chickadee of my very own.

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