31 May 2012


So, it is the end of May and I have but one small project for the Small Projects Sewalong: the miniquilt.

This was really to practise making a quilt from start to finish, hence the small scale: I am not terribly keen on making tiny, dainty objects just for the sake of it, so am trying to think of a use for the miniquilt. A pot holder, perhaps.

I used a couple of fat quarters from a pack I bought on sale in Tikki Patchwork, and scraps of the parchment background fabric from the Reunion quilt (which is about to become acquainted with my seam-ripper).

Making the hourglass blocks was very straightforward, and I found the method of stitching then cutting the triangles rather pleasing.

The original layout (above) was a rather larger affair than the finished object, but quite literally in the heat of the moment - sewing on a very hot day makes concentration tricky - the pieceing went awry. I jettisoned one strip to make a classic nine-patch block, and forcibly straightened up the worst of the wonkiness with the rotary cutter.

Then I discovered that handling wadding sets my teeth on edge. A horrible sensation, so I quickly sandwiched it together and quilted with perhaps a little too much haste (a surprise, I know). I had been a little concerened as to how my sewing machine would cope with the thickness, but it was more or less fine once it got going. It did make some horrible noises when a corner of the binding got stuck, but it didn't actually burst into flames so I think it's good to go for something a little more ambitious.

The binding leaves a little to be desired, but I was winging it by then, having not really read that far in any of the tutorials I looked at.

A reasonable effort, with some parts I'm pleasantly surprised by, such as the joins not being too hideously out, and again a great deal learned.

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