22 May 2012

Reunion quilt - Mk 1?

I am still wondering about the quilt top I made in my week off work. I was roughly following this idea on CharmPacksPlus, but true to form didn't really pay any much attention to the putting together. My method was rather rough and ready, and as a result the alignment of the squares is une catastrophe. Not as much of a catastrophe as cutting the end off my finger with the rotary cutter, though.

The patterned fabric is a charm pack of Sweetwater Reunion from Moda, which I ordered from Hulu, and the parchment sashing came from somewhere else - I can't remember where, but it was fairly reasonable. I adore the Reunion designs and intend to back the quilt in navy gingham, with a red gingham bias-tape border for a summer-picnics feel, but I just can't decide whether to rip out all the seams and start again.

Whatever I decide, I learnt a few things about piecing - the hard way, obviously - and also gained a lot of confidence with the sewing machine.

Not enough confidence to go straight at the machine quilting, though.

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