6 June 2012

Summer Sparks Sew-along

Fired by the success of the Small Projects Sewalong, in that I actually managed to get some sewing done, and being resolutely optimisitic that work will be less frantic this month, I'm going to join in with the Summer Sparks Sew-along hosted by Alessa at Farbenfreude.

Again, the brief seems quite manageable (she says, not mentioning Karen's Pyjama Party): just 'one fabulous garment'.

Early plans for a darling lemon-yellow Cambie have quite sensibly been shelved, given that an unfinished Sorbetto and an exceptionally unsuccessful A-line skirt do not a seamstress make.

Current ideas are of the basic skirt or sundress magnitude, with the main aim being to actually wear whatever I make. In public.

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