5 September 2012

20in12: progress

Back in January, I set myself the challenge of knitting twenty things in 2012.* They are listed on my 20in12 page, and also tagged with 20in12 on Ravelry.

Progress has been quite slow, as I mainly seem to have gone for long, slow projects. The score so far is six items: bonnet rouge, Frostbite mittens, Tiptoe Through the Tulips socks, 93rd birthday mittens, the laceweight Color Affection knitfail, and the Surf socks I finished over the weekend.

There are a couple more things nearing completion - Tea Leaves just needs button bands, a baby cardigan is a sleeve short (quelle surprise), a pair of booties just need to be sewn up -  so while twenty items still looks like a challenge, I remain optimistic. Fairly optimistic. And sure that my autumn plans will involve a lot of knitting.

* The rule (at the moment) is that to qualify for 20in12 things must have been both cast on and bound off this year. This means that owls and owlet don't count as they were both started in 2011, as was Cria. Though I do aim to finish Cria this year.

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