25 September 2012

The best laid schemes ...

The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!

Robert Burns, 'To a Mouse'

My sewing plans often seem to go awry, causing if not grief and pain then a stack of fabric with uncertain destiny and a slightly sickening feeling of acquisitiveness.

Various bloggers have written about planning projects (e.g. Casey's spreadsheet on Tilly and the Buttons, and tips from Kerry), but like many sewers I carry around in my mind a list of things I want to make. Sometimes I even get as far as assembling the fabric and notions, but then plans flicker and waver.

Take the Lisette Portfolio dress. Inspired by Karen and Roobeedoo, I though a simple, striking pattern on a dark background would look pretty spiffy for winter. I was all set. But then I went to buy the fabric on a stupidly hot day and came away with a pale aqua and white print. Which, in the clear light of autumn, just looks a little too Mama Cass. I have three metres of the stuff, and am now wondering if it might work as a backing for the quilt I'm definitely going to make with my Moda Flora jellyroll, just as soon as I decide on a pattern. And start finish the Reunion quilt.

Knitting matters are more under control. Tea Leaves is nearly finished, I'm just bracing myself for picking up stitches for the buttonbands. A baby cardigan is in the works. But then fickleness strikes again, but in the guise of an epiphany ... Hats! Autumn, my favourite season, is here and something to make me look like Ali MacGraw in Love Story as I crunch through the leaves of Harvard Yard (or at least pretend to) would be just the ticket. Most of this year's knitting has been long-haul projects - socks, cardigans, the Colour Affection debacle - so some fairly instant gratification projects would be a welcome change. But then I saw Tasia's gorgeous shawl ...

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