6 December 2012

Tiramisu arrives

As was clear from my excited yapping on Twitter: my Tiramisu pattern arrived the other day, ordered via Etsy.

It's a lovely, straightfoward design - very much cake rather than icing* - but I'd wavered as I am far from experienced on the sewing-clothes front. The great plans for this year's handmade wardrobe have rather fallen by the wayside: an unfinished Sorbetto and a fairly disastrous attempt at a corduroy skirt are hidden at the bottom of a bag somewhere.

A brief exchange on the Twitter with Steph encouraged me, though, and reassured me that an overlocker was by no means compulsory. (Most of the online advice I'd found concerning sewing knits with a regular sewing machine could be summarised as Don't.)

Of course, I'd planned to practise sewing with knits ahead of the pattern arriving, but - lazy as I am - didn't even get around to buying the ballpoint needle.

But, there is hopefully to be a sewalong in January, so everything to play for.

* The cake/frosting (though as a Brit I say icing) divide in making things, as discussed by Tasia.

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