7 January 2013

A prize!

As those playing along at home on the Twitter will know, I won a knitting pattern.

For some Sunday-afternoon fun, Kristen Ten Dyke said that the first to guess which knitting technique she was using would win a free pattern. And my guess of thrumming was (a) correct and (b) first [and (c) was indeed the correct word for what I meant - doing mittens with those bits of roving in them - all the technical terms here. I wasn't sure.]

Kristen very generously offered my choice of any of the patterns from her Ravelry store. I chose the Tundra sweater and it whizzed into my Ravelry library right away.

The almost waffle-like texture looks super-snug, and I have the perfect shade of grey yarn in mind. Plus, birthday John Lewis vouchers will cover the yarn, so it will be a FREE jumper. Wahoo indeed.

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