1 January 2013

Welcome, 2013

A glorious, fresh day to usher in the new year. Much of it spent doing sporty things outside, then inside, reading under a blanket. A heel to turn later.

Some quick resolutions:
  • To be a better blogger. Not necessarily in terms of regularity, but certainly with thought towards the composition of posts. Also, plans to make the blog look a little better, and above all to post better photos. No one - least of all me - wants to see crappy BlackBerry snaps.
  • To learn to crochet. I have owned a copy of Happy Hooker, the Stitch 'n' Bitch crochet book, for a few years and now, thanks to the marvellous Tiger Store, have a couple of snazzy crochet hooks. Hook, book, what more do I need? 
  • To make the quilts I've had in mind for a while. 
  • To branch out from basic socks. The pairs I have knitted are lovely, but I have my eye on Neptune High.
  • To sew - and then wear - a dress. With this I have gone public, stating it as my intention on Karen's Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is post. 
  • To cut a steek.
On to plans to see me through the first months of the year:
  • Taking part in this year's NaKniMitMo on Ravelry. The clock has already started, but I'm finalising my mitten-pattern selection.
  • To get Jurisfiction on the needles.
  • The Tiramisu sewalong, which starts next week. 
  • A February lady sweater as a February project. Can I knit it in a month? I doubt it, but will find out.
Lots to get under way, but also plenty of freedom to go where the fancy takes me.

Happy 2013. Let's turn that heel.

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