20 July 2013

Four Things Friday

The Saturday edition.

1. On 2nd September 2012 I started knitting a pair of socks using magic loop for the first time. I finished the first one this morning.

2. This is not to say that magic loop is slow. Rather, as I said on the Twitter, it's quick if you actually do the knitting. The magic of magic loop only goes so far.

3. Fearing second-sock syndrome, I cast on the second sock right away, and a combination of watching the Tour de France and waiting in for an Ikea delivery has translated to good progress. Though given the ten months to knit the first sock, any progress is good progress.

4. My all-time sock knitting total stands at seven, or three and a half pairs. All have been done to the same basic pattern, bar an adventure in intarsia heels, and I'm starting to think about branching out into something a little fancier.

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