2 September 2013

Leavin' on a jet plane

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again

Last week a very dear friend moved overseas which - while expected for a long while - made me feel rather sad. The very cold, rainy, grey Saturday didn't help, as I sat around feeling like a chipped tooth.

Then, I decided to get up and start sewing. The previous weekend I had bought some black and white polka-dot material in Fabricland to make a Simplicity 2444. I'd been inspired by agirlinwinter's versions, and so set to cutting out the pattern pieces for the bodice, cutting out the fabric and so on. After just over an hour of cutting and sewing like a maniac I had a bodice. (Well, a bodice with some very bodged darts.) I tried it on ... and it turned out I'd made a rather fetching polka-dot crop top.

There are no photographs. No one needs to see me in a polka-dot crop top with wonky darts, holding the side seam closed as I couldn't be bothered to fit a zip and so just left the side open. Yeah, mad skills.

Which was frustrating, but on reflection it had been time well spent - I had learnt that I need to lengthen the bodice by a few inches. So it's tucked away in a Ziploc bag with the pattern pieces, ready for the next time sewing inspiration strikes.

But above all, it was time well spent as it made me feel better. Sewing is good for you.

And to play us out, John Denver on the YouTube:

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