26 September 2013

The Downton Abbey Conundrum

Downton Abbey series 4, episode 1

~~ may contain spoilers ~~

Downton Abbey was back on Sunday, with new opening credits and music, some missing characters and the promise of some new ones. It was a slow start, but we will see how things pan out as the series, starting in 1922, rolls through the twenties.

There were some wonderful twenties costumes, even in the lilacs and greys of half-mourning. I was particularly taken by Lady Edith's purple satin bandeau, and she later razzed it up in a beaded dress slashed to the thigh for dinner with her editor chap. (As a side note: she does seem to have a type. Editor chap looks remarkably like the middle-aged one who jilted her at the altar.)

But where was the knitwear? The action took place six months on from the 2012 Christmas special, when it was summer in the Highlands. At a guess, late-ish August, as they were shooting (giving plenty of opportunity for tension for those who'd read magazines at the hairdressers and knew that someone was to meet a sticky end). Thus six months on would be February. But not a scrap of knitwear.

Indeed, when Lady E went to London, she didn't even wear a scarf:


Was early 1922 particularly balmy? Or are they blowing what's left of the estate - and little baby George's inheritance - on superheating Downton Abbey?

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