28 November 2011


Last year, I had great plans of taking part in the Knitting Olympics, with my project of choice being a pair of socks. I duly cast on and attempted to wrangle the dpns, but after a couple of false starts I decided that, under sporting rules, I was probably out and settled down in the stands to watch the cross-country skiing instead.
The yarn has come out a couple of times since then, and generally gone back into the stash pretty quickly, with my attempts at socks never getting far beyond the cuff. Now, as a warm-up for projects planned for the new year, I am having another go.
So far so good, and progress has been quite quick as I marvel at the self-striping yarn and rattle on to see what's coming next. I'm down to the heel flap of the first sock with no ripping out or excessively unladylike language. Indeed, the only casualty has been one dpn disppearing into the inner recesses of the sofa, never to be seen again.
Pattern: Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Modifications: self-striping yarn, no intarsia heel
Yarn: Hot Socks Circus in 523

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