12 March 2012

Actual sewing

After much thinking about sewing, I finally fired up the purple beast and made my first actual sewn thing.

I had wild plans of going at something quite complicated - a lined A line skirt - straight away, but thankfully self-knowledge won out, I remembered that I am an impatient person who has used a sewing machine but once in nineteen years, and thus settled on a quick and simple drawstring bag to hold small knitting projects.

I rather liked the look of this bag run up by agirlinwinter, but decided that the cutting and matching seams and construction were not for me (so we can all imagine how that skirt would have turned out). I wanted something quick and easy, so I poked around on the internet to get a rough idea of how things were meant to work, and set to.

This is what I made:

At an unexpected loose end on Saturday morning, I made a trip to Tikki Patchwork and had a happy interlude choosing some fat quarters (I limited myself to four, but oh, the possibilities ...), including this green with a white floral print, which is probably hard to see in the really terrible photo.

The bag is made from just over half a fat quarter, hemmed and folded in half, and the drawstrings were salvaged from a cardboard carrier bag from a clothes shop.

A quick and satisfying project, and, crucially, one that is useful.

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