9 March 2012

Four things Friday

1. I fear I may be on the brink of second sock syndrome. The first Tiptoe sock is done and fits perfectly, and the wonky-looking intarsia heel seems to have sorted itself out. The second sock ... not much more than a  couple of rows of the cuff. My knitting of choice has been the Tea Leaves cardigan, which is a delight to knit. I've finished the pleasing ruffled yoke, and am ploughing on through long, long stockinette rows.

2. Olympic knitting.

3. Very little on the sewing front. (For very little, read none.) I am thinking about it a lot, though, reading my Colette Sewing Handbook and daydreaming of fat quarters and quilts ...

4. ... when I'm not crusing the IKEA website. I have too much stuff not enough storage space and really need to do something about it.

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