27 April 2012

Four things Friday

1. Tea Leaves chugs along, with about half the body length done. Enough to be able to try it on and see that it will fit. Probably.

2. I have turned the heel of the first Surf sock. I thought the yarn was, quite frankly, going to be splitty as fuck, but it's not too bad at all.

3. Sewing has not really been happening. Too much work and other life stresses, unfortunately, so I will be in the library while all the cool kids are at Karen's pyjama party.

4. As making garments is probably too time-consuming at the moment, I have settled on a more simple project and will, after all, be having a go at patchwork. (The quilting element to follow.) Which of course requires more materials and equipment ... rulers and self-healing mats, and a rotary cutter. I hope my fingers survive.

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