4 May 2012

Four things Friday

1. A delicious new design from Kate Davies: Blaithin. I'm a big fan of Kate's designs and her blog, and have added Blaithin - likely in Cascade 220 - to my knitting plans.

2. But first to finish up Tea Leaves, and the Surf socks (on which I had some kind of counting malfunction, resulting in a very short gusset).

3. The bank holiday, and the rest of the week off work will help with this, provided I don't succumb to the charms of the Colour Affection shawl. Or don't succumb too much. I know it's going to happen.

4. I've been admiring Me Made May from afar, but am nowhere near up to that challenge. Instead, I'm taking part in Crazy Mom Quilts' Small Projects Sew Along.

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