5 October 2012

Four things Friday

1. This week has seen a flurry of new acquisitions, not least the pattern for Glenna C's Chatelaine cardigan, which I am about to cast on in the perfect shade of teal. I had also come to realise that resistance is futile, I need Cake Patterns' Tiramisu dress in my life. I'd had some concerns about sewing with knits with just the purple beast (and I am, for various reasons, reluctant to spring for an overlocker), but the lovely Steph herself answered my queries on Twitter and so I duly skipped off to Etsy to order my copy. Now roll on November, when the pattern will be released.

2. I was very tempted by the October instalment of the Colette 2.0 sewalong hosted by Rhinestones and Telephones and Miss Crayola Creepy, but I have a few things I must complete this month - knitting, sewing and writing - so I'm going to follow along at home. I hope to get on to making a Peony later this year, and the sewalong posts will be a brilliant guide.

3. Time this weekend will be spent bringing the Reunion quilt out of hibernation, and knitting tiny accessories for forthcoming niece/nephews, all to the traditional autumn accompaniment of Strictly and Downton Abbey.

4. On Downton Abbey, Debi had written a great review of the first episode's costumes. I'm not sure I like them as much as the high Edwardian style of the first series (and what has happened to Lady Sybil's hair?), but Lady Edith's wedding dress was rather lovely. If wholly unappreciated.


  1. I have ordered the Tiramisu dress pattern too! I've never sewn with knits before so I'm a bit scared! :-)

  2. I'm quite scared too, especially as my machine is very basic and none of the stitch options looks in the least like a lightning bolt. The manual does - somewhat surprisingly - give instructions for sewing swimwear, so I am hoping that sewing with knits comes under that. They're similar. Sort of.